Riverside Condominium
History of the Riverside Hotel

Riverside HotelThe Riverside Hotel was located on a slip of land # 76 in the original town plan. This slip was absorbed into lot #16 later on.

Richard Robinson had an ordinary (which is being restored on Water Lane between Prince and Duke Streets) in the area as early as 1682. When the town lots were laid out in 1705 an early purchaser was Alexander Parker. After Parker lot #16 and slip were owned by James Mills, Moore Fauntleroy, Meriwether Smith, James Webb, and Robert Weir. Winter Bray had a store on lot 16, Winter Bray & Co., and in 1831 he sold part of #16 and the slip, to his partner George H. Dobyns.

Dobyns build a large house on the slip. It had an English basement, 2 stories and attic, and was built in Greek Revival style- 4 rooms on each floor with a wide hall –a 2-story porch faced the river. It had 4 chimneys with a fireplace in every room.

Dobyns died in 1857; his wife, Judith Hoskins Dobyns died in 1863. Their children, 4 sons and 2 daughters, couldn’t agree on the division and the estate went to Chancery Court. There were difficulties with the War, the occupation, and subsequent deaths of 3 of the heirs.

In 1877 the Commissioners in Chancery sold the house and house lot to William G. Jeffries. Jeffries sold off part of the lot to R.T. Cauthorn. This is where the green house is now located adjacent to the condo on Prince Street.

In 1876 Jeffries and his children sold to Alexander Fleet. Fleet sold in 1898 to Aubrey H. Jones and wife Rebecca.

In 1909 Mrs. Rebecca Jones and her daughter Adelaide Jones Dickey sold to J.T. Robins who ran a boarding house. He added part of the back section for more rooms, and called the place “The Riverside Hotel.” Robins made the Hotel a fashionable stop for travelers between DC and Norfolk- a watering hole with fresh seafood and a lovely beach, peace, and quiet.

Riverside Hotel Robins sold in 1924 to C.A. Wachsmoth who ran the hotel until 1949 when he sold to Stanly Mundy. Modern roads, more and newer hotels began to put the riverside in decline. It became more of a stop for salesmen and singles, although the dining room was still used and often for wedding receptions and parties.

Mundy sold out in 1964 to Allen Bareford. Bareford didn’t make much of a go with the hotel and the dining room closed except for events. The hotel went down- only customers were salesmen and those who wanted a cheap room. The new “modern” hotels with a bath to each room and color TV’s put him out of business. In 1972 he sold to Hobbs Hole Association. They unceremoniously tore the hotel down and built the new wonderful Riverside Condominium.

Thanks to Suzanne Derieux for the following narrative - You’ll recognize many familiar Essex County names.

Riverside Hotel
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