Riverside Condominium
Tappahannock Riverside Condominiums have much to offer - here is an overview of the facilities and amenities that co-owners enjoy:

The condominium Swimming Pool measures 40 ft x 20 ft and is open from Memorial Day to Labor Day. The pool is salt treated and is checked daily by the apartment manager to ensure high sanitization standards are maintained.
The condominium beachfront gardenand landscape is maintained by professionals throughout all seasons.
The formal entrance to the condominium at 128 Prince Street provides an elegant and welcoming entry on the first floor for guests and family visiting the building. The main entry most residents use is the parking level accessed either from Duke Street or Prince Street. All entries require key fobs to provide a high level of building access security.
Pier and dock extends 150 ft into the Rappahannock River and accomodates tables and chairs for summer evening entertainment and relaxation.
Beautiful sunrises across the Rappahannock River greet condominium residents every morning - all condominium units face East or South and enjoy spectacular sunrises throughout all seasons.
Pier provides residents with boat docking and slips for tying up sail or power boats on the Rappahannock River. There are two nearby marinas that store boats when owners are not present.
There are parties for the residents, including an elegant Christmas Party, planned throughout the year by the Social Committee. For residents who reside there year-around there are often, in addition, spur of the moment pot-luck suppers, birthday parties, and Friday Cheers. The lower level community area has wide screen television, a library, and a kitchen available for serving refreshments.
Condominium Christmas party would not be complete without the choir performing several seasonal favorites. The choir includes residents and invited guests from St. John's Episcopal Church (one block from Riverside). Condo elevators
The Condominium is accessed on all six floors including the parking garage by a modern elevator - refurbished in 2013. A padded protective blanket is hung in the elevator cab during move-in and move-out times to maintain the wood paneling elegant appearance. Condo elevators
Resident mail is delivered daily mid-morning to individual mailboxes located on the Duke Street entrance. Residents usually post a red flag on the fence to indicate to other residents that the mail has arrived. UPS and Fedex deliveries are made to the parking level reception area.
Parking is provided on the lower level with access from Duke Street for even numbered condos and Prince Street for odd numbered condos. Access from one garage to the other garage is not possible. Parking spots are reserved and named for each condominium resident and one spot is allocated per condo. Additional parking is available on both Primce Street and Duke Street and several parking spots are provided for guests and contractors along the fence at the bottom of Duke Street.
Entry to the six doors to the Condominium is controlled through key fobs which are identified with each owner and entry recorded by computer software. Residents may obtain additional fobs for use by trusted guests or hired help.
The lower main entry from the garden has an automtic dialer for use by visitors who do not have key fob priviledges. Condominium residents are listed by name and a short dial code that will ring in their apartment. Residents can buzz in a visitor by keying their phone in their apartment.
The Riverside Condominium on the Rappahannock River in Tappahannock Virginia
128 Prince Street  #3   Tappahannock    Virginia    22560    804-443-2190    fax: 804-443-2190    email: riversidecondominium128@gmail.com